Some new and updated SQL Server 2005 builds

Updated: 2007-07-02 Continuing with a great tradition, I present again an updated list of SQL Server builds and hotfixes that have been released since the last time I posted a similar list (beginning of May).  The cumulative fix build 3152 is available for public download.  Most others need to be obtained […]

Staying on top of SQL Server 2005 builds and hotfixes

For years I have been an advocate of making any and all hotfix information available to the public.  I used to stumble upon new builds in the KB by accident, and so I took it upon myself to collect and publish lists of new hotfixes (e.g. here and here) as I found them […]

Playing with CDC in Katmai

Change Data Capture (CDC) is something DBAs around me have been screaming about for ages.  For auditing and other reasons, we have needed to rely on 3rd party tools from companies like Lumigent, whose motto for their auditing product previously named Entegra went something like, "Who did what to which data […]

Playing with DMF in Katmai

I've long been anticipating the Declarative Management Framework (DMF, not to be confused with dynamic management functions!) in Katmai.  We were given an early peek at the product in March, but it was essentially SQL 2005 with a new @@version and slightly modified splash screen.DMF allows you to create policies […]

Katmai news

There is a public CTP coming out this morning.  It was supposed to be published on Connect at 8:30 AM ET, but maybe they meant a different time zone?  Anyway, an interesting "by the way" here is that the official name is SQL Server 2008.  Not that this should really surprise […]