An update on recent SQL Server 2005 builds

I'm still waiting for the latest GDR / QFE that is going to clean up (no pun intended) all the maintenance plan cleanup issues that were borne out of SP2 and the followup fixes. In the meantime, I've collected a list of build #s and their associated KBs that have […]

More news on Service Pack 2 and Maintenance Plans

So I have official word (and permission to broadcast) that there is one minor bug left in maintenance plans, in the wake of last week's difficulties in properly addressing SP2 and the fixes that followed.  We should expect a GDR early next week and a QFE rollup within a week […]

Service Pack 2a?

Well, I'm certainly glad I didn't bet that 3050 would be the last we'd hear about SP2.  It's like alphabet soup, I think 3152 (found at – Thanks Chris!) could unofficially be called SP2c or SP2d now?What an absolute mess.<…previously in this post…> Sorry, last update on SP2/SP2a/SP2b, I'm sure.  […]